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Follow the links below for informatiion on schools and education

London Borough of Barnet

London Borough of Bexley

Birmingham City Council

Bournemouth Council

Bristol City Council

London Borough of Bromley

Buckinghamshire County Council

Calderdale Borough Council

Cumbria County Council

Devon County Council

London Borough of Enfield

Essex County Council

Gloucestershire County Council

Kent County Council

Kent (continued)

Kingston Upon Thames

Kirklees Metropolitan Council

Lancashire County Council

Lincolnshire County Council

Liverpool City Council

Medway Borough Council

North Yorkshire County Council

Plymouth City Council

Poole Borough Council

Reading Borough Council

London Borough of Redbridge

Slough Borough Council

Stoke On Trent City Council

Surrey County Council

London Borough of Sutton

Torbay Borough Council

Trafford Metropolitan Borough Council

Walsall Metropolitan Borough Council

Warwickshire County Council

Wiltshire County Council

Metropolitan Borough of Wirral

Wolverhampton City Council

To access the web site of an LEA or a Selective School, please click the name of the region, scroll to your choice on the drop down menu and click.

Times League Tables

National Grammar Schools Association

National Curriculum

     GL Assessment                                www.direct.gov.uk

        Department for Children, Schools and Families

Guardian/ top 100 selective schools

BBC NEWS | Education

The Consortium of Selective Schools in Essex