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We keep a close eye on Essex 11 Plus Exam Format changes

All format and content changes are incorporated into our Mock Exams, Boot Camp classes, Practice Papers and our Tuition curiculum.

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Although online practice papers and assessment tests are useful facilities
for adding variety to the revision process, the same cannot be claimed
about the online mock exams

Why Have We Disabled Online Mock Exams

Our many years of tutoring experience suggests that mock exams are most effective in providing guidelines for more accurately predicting the outcome of the actual exams, when conducted at a venue, under exam conditions and with a crowd of children present.

Sitting the actual 11 Plus Exams feels nothing like  taking either printed or online tests in the familiar environment of children’s homes. General consensus suggests that children’s scores drop by up to 10% during the actual exams, compared to what is achieved in their own backyard.

There are various conspicuous reasons for this:

Obviously, the most important one is that most children feel somewhat more nervous during the doomsday scenario, as it is make or break time. All that compounded pressures from parents, peers and, months, if not years, of ceaseless practice and revision sessions have their toll. Plus the fact that they are unjustly expected to have a single shot at gaining access to the upper echelons of the education system for winning their future.

Another reason is the multitudes of distractions they are likely to face during the exams;
pens, rulers dropping on the floor, rustling sound of hurriedly turning pages, abruptly silenced forbidden questions, convenience breaks precipitated by overworked bladders, and even, weeps and cries of anguish at the first sight of that English papers.

Yet another reason is not being allowed to exercise those habitual gestures and utterances which for some have been instrumental for keeping the concentration.

In brief, if the child have had no experience of sitting those mocks with a group of other children under exam conditions, they would be much less likely to quickly adapt to the unfamiliar conditions and effectively put into practice their hard earned time management, exam handling and concentrating skills. Consequently, the child is likely to make more silly mistakes or mental blocks and occasional attacks of panic may set in. Hence, they may be deprived of being able to reflect their true potential on the exam papers.

Mock Exams

We organise three  mock exams every year. Mock exams are held under strict exam conditions on the second Sundays of July, August and September. English, Maths and Verbal Reasoning.